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Enjoy the Moment

Far up North, there is a country called Finland, also known as the land of thousand lakes. In addition to its lakes and rivers, Finland is known for its wetlands. Up here, the swamps are mysterious, vigorous and beautiful in their own, rugged way. In wintertime, the swamps rest under the white blankets of snow and wait for the lightness, light and delight of spring, while the aurora lights up the night sky.


Did you know that the swamps have a secret?

In no time at all, it's time for Midsummer celebrations, and the magic of the midnight sun fills the air. A lady from a faraway land has found her way into summery Finland. With a light skip, she follows a riverbank and wonders at the atmosphere of the northern summer’s eve. The lady stops on the bank of a swampy pond. The view is just magnificent. There they are, swaying by the swamp, like celebrating the midsummer with a dance. They have funny-looking white caps, like the stumpy tails of hares. Supporting each other, these arctic flowers slowly swing from side to side while basking in the rays of the evening sun. It's almost like they are whispering: “Take life easy and let the winds guide you. Enjoy the moment.”

Slowly, the lady approaches this dreamlike view. She carefully lets her hand touch the soft, white tufts of these extraordinary flowers. The stems are thin like thread, which explains why they float so lightly in the air of the summer evening. Carefully, she collects a few of them to bring home. She wants to remember this moment forever, the magic of the arctic evening and the lightness in her heart.

Now, these arctic flowers can take you on a journey to the swampy pond up North and let you enjoy the moment. 

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Our dried natural white and colored Tupasvilla last several years! As a symbol of love and happiness, Arctic Flower provides flower bouquets for you and your loved ones. Freshly cut, dried, cleaned, and trimmed to perfection, we innovate flower bouquets that serve as a lasting reminder of your love and care.

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Cheers! We’d love you to join us on this journey!

Maybe you want to buy something special for yourself or have friends and loved ones to appreciate? Get your Arctic Flower bouquets now! Show your love and care!

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