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How Arctic Flower Get Started....

Hello! I am Che Pelkonen, the founder of Arctic Flower.

My passion for flowers originates from our family home in the Philippines. I can't remember a single moment when there weren't any flowers in my mother's garden. In the Philippines, flowers are essential in life. They give strength for tomorrow and evoke feelings of longing, love, and happiness. 

I made my first summer visit to Finland in June 2015. A few days before Midsummer's Eve, I went Fishing with my husband Hannu. We were both excited. The riverbank was almost untouched and we could only find footprints of deer and moose. What a feeling that was for someone like me who had lived in a metropolis - there we were, just the two of us, without constant roar of traffic, just the steady hum of mosquitoes.

Tupasvilla (Eriophorum Vaginatum)

We progressed slowly along the riverbank, fishing in small rapids and ponds. While trudging forward, I saw blooming flowers like cotton circling a swampy pond. I can never forget that moment, the white flowers swinging in a soft gust of wind. It really hit me. I couldn't resist the temptation - I had to get a closer look at them. Each flower had tufts, which were hair-like, and the stems were thin, slightly thicker than thread. Who would have thought that these beautiful flowers are native to swamps? I brought some of them home with me. Since then, my tupasvilla have been on display at our home. Although it has been years since I picked them, watching them brings up beautiful memories of my first summer in Finland, the nature, and its treasures.

Tupasvilla - Symbol of love and happiness

Every time I visited Finland, I wondered how to bring my tupasvilla to the world. Then we found the answer. In June 2020, Hannu and I decided to move to Finland for good. It was the perfect time to set up a company, and we registered it as Arctic Flower Limited.

The company focuses on the commercialization of dried tupasvilla and selling the flowers in Europe.

The flower business is as colourful and vibrant as the flowers themselves. New trends and changes in the flower market affect the behaviour and preferences of customers. For me, every change is an opportunity. I can provide customers with flowers and products for the experience they are after - sometimes I might see them on my flower farm in Finland.

Delivering flowers, starting from picking them at the right time, is challenging craftsmanship. From the start, I have been devoted to choosing and handling the flowers with care. Every flower goes through my hands before they make the journey to the customer.

Tupasvilla are fascinating and help us share the feelings of love and happiness. 

Greetings from Finland!

Che Pelkonen


22-03-07-Arctic Flower-82.jpg

Cheers! We’d love you to join us on this journey!

Maybe you want to buy something special for yourself or have friends and loved ones to appreciate? Get your Arctic Flower bouquets now! Show your love and care!

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