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Product General Description 


What is Tupasvilla (Eriophorum Vaginatum)?  

Eriophorum Vaginatum is the scientific name of “Tupasvilla”. Tupasvilla is the Finnish name of the Flower. Eriophorum Vaginatum, also known as (cottongrass), is a member flowering plant in the sedge family. Eriophorum is derived from Greek, meaning 'wool-bearing", and Vaginatum from Latin 'vagina,' meaning 'sheath,' and the epithet 'atum' meaning 'possessing,' thus describing the plant characteristics Wool Bearing Sheathed Grass. In Finland, the plant can grow up to 75 cm height and every plant group gives more or less thirty flowers.

Where you can find Tupasvilla?

Finland is part of the arctic region and one of the world's northernmost countries, covered by ice for 50,000 years and formed the Finnish landscape relatively flat with southern hills and northern fells. As a result, Finland is known for its vast forest, thousands of lakes, and wetlands. Its enormous number of bogs, swamps, ponds, and marshes cover about 30% of Finland's land area, where are also plenty of plants of the genus ''Eriophorum". In addition, Finnish wetlands offer unique habitats to both plants and animals. For many migratory species, it provides vital breeding and feeding areas. Tupasvilla is also a food source for wild animals like deer in the spring.

How to use Tupasvilla Flowers? 

  • Event Decoration 

Tupasvilla flowers are used for decoration at any event. Either natural or colored flowers both provide trendy and seasonal colors. 

  • Interior Decoration 

Tupasvilla flowers are excellent for decoration at home, in public places, and offices without having to worry about maintenance. 

  • Special Occasions

Tupasvilla flowers with other dried flowers are the perfect combination to make a stunning dried flower bouquet for special occasions such as wedding, birthdays and anniversaries.

  • Gifts

Tupasvilla flowers are an exceptional gift for all seasons and occasions since it is not common flowers anyone can buy from the market. It gives every consumer a memorable experience, increases curiosity, and makes them feel unique, loved, and happy.

Why Tupasvilla is a Unique Product?

  • Tupasvilla is 100% natural

Tupasvilla is a wild common native flowering plant in Finland and Countries within the Arctic region. These flowers add an inviting view to the swamps, marshes, bogs, and other wetlands; it thrives abundantly in moist peaty acidic soil. Tupasvillas are produced and grown exclusively on self-managed bogs without fertilizer or plant protection.

Arctic Flower farm

The black head of Tupasvilla - Spring in Finland

Arctic Flower Farm

Tupasvilla starts flowering - Spring in Finland

Arctic Flower farm

Fully bloom Tupasvilla - Summer in Finland

  • The Process from Nature to Product 


The process from natural flower to product is very labor-intensive. Timely picking secures the fundamentals for long-lasting flowers. The primary sorting starts in the swamp, and only quality flowers are harvested. Arctic Flower is devoted to selecting and handling the flowers with care. Each outgoing flower goes through a quality process before they start the journey to the customer.

1. Collection 


The waking up season of tupasvilla starts in April and fully bloomed flowers in June. Therefore, there are only three weeks to collect the perfect flowers every year. The flowers are picked without environmental depletion and diminishing to secure the ability for reproduction and long-term survival in that location.

2. Drying


After collection, the flowers are kept in dry, dim storage for three weeks, which is mandatory to stabilize and preserve the color of the flowers. 

3. Cleaning 


Cleaning flowers is the most time-consuming process. The flowers must be cleaned individually and trimmed to perfection.

4. Selection 


Best flowers are selected according to their sizes and firmness. Natural white flowers remain in the storage, ready for packaging, while the rest will be colored.

5. Coloring


Currently, Arctic Flower uses water-based paints for coloring. However, the company is still looking for different eco-friendly colors, such as colors from wild mushrooms and berries from Finnish nature.

6. Packaging 


The company has chosen the most eco-friendly and unique packaging for the flowers that's easy to recycle, safe for individuals and the environment, and is made of recycled materials. Moreover, it is designed to protect and hold the flowers for the long journey, and every bouquet is packed meticulously. 

  • Social and Environmental Responsibility


Arctic Flower Ltd. has born with a connection to the wilderness. Its heritage is based on real-life stories, family backgrounds, living environment, work, recreation, and shared cultural views and experiences. Everything is built on two ways interaction, "give and take" with the wilderness and people. Outcomes will come true in the operational methods, practices, views, meanings, and values of individuals and communities related to the nature shared through social connections.

Facts about Tupasvilla 

  • Lumene Finland uses tupasvilla as part of its active ingredients for beauty product purposes. click here 


  • At the end of the 19th century, the textile industry used tupasvilla in Holland, Germany, France, and Sweden. click here


  • Tupasvilla has been demand for the textile industry in past decades. Tupasvilla fiber is a by-product of the peat industry. Vapo Oy dominates the peat industry in Finland, and it is also a primary supplier of peat fiber. Markets are mainly in Central Europe, Austria, Germany, and the Netherlands. click here

  • The clothing industry gradually became interested in Tupasvilla in Finland. It already made it to Helsinki's international fashion fair, e.g., as hats, felt jackets, vests, and sweaters. click here

  • Historically, common Tupasvilla was used to stuff pillows in Sussex. It was also collected and used in Scotland to dress wounds during the First World War. click here

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