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General Description of Arctic Flower Limited

Arctic Flower Ltd. was established in 2020. 
Arctic Flower Ltd. has registered dried natural-white and coloured 'Tupasvilla' (Eriophorum Vaginatum) as a trademark Arctic Flower, and the company has been named accordingly. 
Arctic Flower Ltd. is the world's first and only dried tupasvilla supplier. The flowers are produced and grown exclusively on self-managed bogs without fertilizer or plant protection. The company owns 59-hectare swamp land where tupasvilla grows freely. Further, to secure the collection yearly, the company has rented selected moist acidic peat lands where tupasvilla thrives abundantly.

Finnish Nature inspires the products of Arctic Flower according to the seasons. Tupasvilla is a new timeless choice for the flower market. It gives every consumer a memorable experience, increases curiosity, and makes them feel unique, loved, and happy.

     What Arctic Flower Ltd. Offers

  • Unique timeless dried flower

  • Versatile, branded long lasting dried tupasvilla, natural white and colored ones

  • Environmentally friendly dried flower products

  • Dried flower with a new concept relying on Market Intelligence and the latest trends

  • A responsible business having positive impact on the society and environment

  • ESG Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance practices coupled with business ethics


     What the World Market Gains

  • New choices for dry flower markets

  • New trademarked dried flower supplier

  • Utilizing environment without depleting it

  • Working opportunities


  • Trust to Flower Suppliers Network and Customers

  • Greater trust creates stronger relationship to stakeholders on every level

  • The prosperity of business and society is inextricably linked

Arctic Flower Timeline


Discovery of Tupasvilla (Eriophorum Vaginatum)

2015 - 2020

Product development, Tupasvilla lasts many years


Arctic Flower Limited/OY founded Y - 31207776


Trademark Registered as Arctic Flower (540) R (111) 280459

2021 - 2022 - 1.5.2021 - 30.6.2022

Arctic Flower Ltd. is one of the four companies participating in the  "Luonnontuotteet Pakettiin" project. The project was funded by the Central Finland Ely Center from the Rural Development Fund and managed by ProAgria Central Finland. It aims to increase the skills of natural-product entrepreneurs in product development, packaging, test marketing and export, and networking. Arctic Flower Ltd's product packaging, brochures, and rollups were also designed and developed with the project funds.

2022 - 16.11

Arctic Flower (Eriophorum Vaginatum) has received approval from Finnish Environmental Institute SYKE/2022/2213. It is hereby verified that tussock cottongrass or sheathed cottonsedge (Eriophorum Vaginatum) is not included in the Appendices of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). Therefore, its export or import is not restricted by the said Convention. 

Accordingly, the EXPORT AND COMMERCIAL use of the mentioned species or product made thereof is not regulated under the Wildlife Trade Regulation (Council Regulation (EC) No. 338/97 with amendments) of the European Union, which is the regulation implementing the CITES Convention in the European Union. here

2023 - 19.03

Arctic Flower online shop open for Europe 

22-03-07-Arctic Flower-82.jpg

Cheers! We’d love you to join us on this journey!

Maybe you want to buy something special for yourself or have friends and loved ones to appreciate? Get your Arctic Flower bouquets now! Show your love and care!

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